MiBM in North Natomas Schools

North Natomas TMA’s MIBM campaign was extended to 10 area elementary and middle schools.  During the month 3,441 students participated by logging 50,395 miles.  A total of 57% of the total school enrollments participated, up from 53% in 2016. 

During the month-long promotion, all students were encouraged to log their miles and trips, and participants were rewarded with weekly prizes, and recognition was given for top class and rider.   All 10 North Natomas schools ranked within the top 13 schools in the region in the trips category, and top 15, in the miles category. 

To kick-off the month and encourage riding, NNTMA staff went out to school sites to do student assemblies and rallies, presented at staff meetings and even created an informational video for how to participate.  Check it out here.

The winning school in the region, Witter Ranch Elementary, had volunteers lead a daily “Bike Train” to school. 

May is also a very busy month for the NNTMA’s “Project Ride Smart,” a ten-hour bike safety course, which this year, was completed by 593 fifth graders during school hours.  Watch a short overview of the program here.


Flyer Ticket Expiration

If you are in possession of the orange Flyer Shuttle tickets with the expiration date December 31, 2017, we will still honor these shuttle tickets through 2018. We will review the need for printed tickets at the close of 2018 at which point we may discontinue them.

We strongly encourage you to use all the orange tickets as soon as possible and begin using the RT Connect Card. This card is very convenient and easy to load by using the Connect Card website. Remember to register your Connect Card in order to recover funds if lost or stolen.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 916-419-9955.