Photo of employees holding Bike Month tshirts

Commuting employees can experience stress and frustration long before their work day officially starts. Whether it's the cost of gasoline, wear and tear on personal cars, or just traffic headaches on their minds, this stress can bring down productivity and morale.

By promoting alternative forms of commuting and encouraging your employees to bicycle, take public transportation, or share rides, you will help create a less stressful work environment – and take huge strides in becoming a "greener" company and helping to improve the region's air quality.

The NNTMA can help you provide:

  • An Emergency Ride Home to your employees, making it easier to choose an alternative way to commute
  • Resources for employees seeking to share a ride with Vanpools and Carpools
  • Commuter Tax Incentive education for you and your employees
  • Advocacy for safe pedestrian and biking routes to your worksite