Photo of children walking to school

The NNTMA is proud to sponsor Walk and Bike to School programs at seven area elementary and middle schools. Each school has a specifically designed set of programs, events and activities that support the school community in providing a safe, healthy option for getting kids to school.

Our goal is to make walking and biking to school the safest and easiest choice for children and their families. Our programs support the development of safe, healthy children while reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality. The North Natomas Transportation Management Association’s Walk and Bike to School programs are part of a national movement to make neighborhoods safer for children and build lifelong healthy habits. Join the movement!

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Walk to School Days

North Natomas students will take to the sidewalks this October and walk to and from school as many times as possible to track trips and earn prizes. Walk­ing to school also includes riding a bike, using a scooter, or skating. Kick off the fun with the Walk to School Day celebration at your school! Farmer’s Market style breakfast, music and fun for those who walk, bike or scoot to school - all before school starts...