Trip Scanner FAQs

Do I have to register the tag for my child to participate?
No.  All students that walk, bike, skate or scoot to school can participate.  All participating students will receive a free sneaker-shaped barcode tag to earn “Boot Bucks”.  However, the benefit of registering your tag is that students have the ability to track statistics about their trips, such as: number of trips to and from school, calories burned, total distance traveled, and estimates of environmental and monetary/fuel cost savings.  Also, parents/guardians are able to opt in to receive a text, e-mail or phone call when their child has scanned-in on campus.  In order for your child to register their tag to take full advantage of the benefits, we must first obtain your consent as a parent or legal guardian. 

What is a username and why do I have to use one?  
A username is a handle of your choosing that is not your real name, and must be at least 4 characters long.  A username provides an extra level of privacy to ensure your child’s name will not appear anywhere publicly.  This username will be associated to your child’s gender, teacher/classroom, grade level, method of transport to and from school, and other statistics (trips to and from school, total distance traveled, estimates of environmental and monetary/fuel cost savings) that can be viewed by you and your child. 

How is my child “scanned”?
Every participating student will receive their own unique barcode ID tag to hang on their backpack, to be scanned by Walking Program staff and volunteers when they arrive at school on their school’s designated walking day.  The barcode tag and scanner are just like the technology used in the checkout line at the grocery store.   

Why is this program only offered to 3rd through 6th grade students?
Kinder through 2nd grade students use their Walking Program punch cards to earn charms.  This program is very successful and popular with the age range.  With the Trip Scanner program, we are hoping to engage upper level students and get them inspired in a new and fun way!

What are “Boot Bucks”?  
Boot Bucks are virtual money that participating students earn when they walk, bike or skate to school.  A monthly store will be set up for students to redeem their earned Boot Bucks for prizes.  Students and their parents can track their balance online under their username or barcode number.

What information is compiled? 
When a registered student scans in, the system compliles the following information: username, teacher name/classroom, grade level, gender, round trip distance to and from school, and method of transportation to and from school.  None of this information is linked to the student’s real name, or can be seen by anyone publically.
When a non-registered student scans in, the system simply counts that the student walked (or biked, scooted, or skated), and the student earns a “Boot Buck” as an incentive for their trip. 

Will any of my child’s information be public?
No.  Your child’s name will not appear anywhere on the website, only their username.  See above.

Who will have access to my child’s information?
Your child’s name or address is never asked for in any of the registration information, only a username of your choosing. The information we compile is for statistical purposes only and includes, trip distance from home, gender, teacher, and transportation type. Parents and guardians can also opt in to provide cell phone and e-mail addresses to receive text, e-mail or phone call confirmation when their child scans in to campus. Other than our third party service providers (such as our hosting service), no information is ever shared. You may review the information and ask to have it deleted, and prevent future collection and use of information, at any time by contacting us. We do not require children to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in our service.

How will parents or guardians get a text, e-mail, or phone call when their student has scanned-in to the Trip Scanner table?  
You may choose to participate in our AutoNotify program by which we will automatically contact you when your child has been scanned in after arriving at school.  Simply sign up and choose your preferred communication method when filling out the registration form.  There is no charge for this.  Standard text/minute rates apply as dictated by your carrier.  

Is there a charge for this program?
No.  This program is sponsored by the NNTMA as a way to encourage families to make fewer trips by car.  It’s good for student health and good for the environment!

What is your privacy policy?
Please read the full privacy policy at