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Project Ride Smart is a 5th grade driver's education program – on bikes – taught in North Natomas elementary schools. This comprehensive bicycle safety program teaches traffic principles and on-bike handling skills. The 10-hour course culminates with street rides where students apply what they have learned to their local neighborhood streets - giving them the knowledge and experience to travel safely to and from school. Project Ride Smart is taught by certified bike instructors.

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Project Ride Smart is an educational bicycle safety video most appropriate for 9 to 14-year-olds. The video is segmented into 10 chapters, with an introduction and conclusion, with each chapter focusing on a different topic.

    1. The 5 Rules of the Road
    2. Bike Culture
    3. Bike Parts
    4. Street or Sidewalk?
    5. Anatomy of an Intersection
    6. Right-of-Way Rules
    7. Riding Through and Intersection
    8. Roundabouts and Yield
    9. Crashes
    10. Riding with Friends & Planning Your Route

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