Flyer Shuttle

Photo of shuttle

Each weekday morning and afternoon, the Flyer runs peak-period scheduled routes between North Natomas and downtown Sacramento.

Why ride? The Flyer is:

  • Easy to use, just board anywhere along the flag zone or at designated stops
  • Inexpensive, at $2.00 per ride
  • Neighborhood-friendly, with nimble 32-foot buses
  • Roomy, with space for 30 passengers
  • Connected, with free WiFi and online GPS tracking
  • Bike-friendly, with fold-down bike racks that can accommodate up to three bicycles
  • Convenient, with 24 scheduled daily routes reaching throughout North Natomas
  • Economical, with some employers reimbursing your ticket costs

...and more:

  • Easy to link to other transportation options, such as RT, cycling, or walking
  • A great opportunity to meet your neighbors and coworkers or sit and catch up on news
  • A wonderful alternative to driving – and saving gas and wear and tear on your car
  • Free on Spare the Air Days